St James’ Way (Jakobsvejen) – better known as the Camino – is a system of pilgrimage roads stretching throughout Europe and for the most part going towards Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain. The routes are usually identical to the Roman roads or the medieval roads used by pilgrims.
The Camino is also found within the borders of Aalborg municipality in Denmark, where it mainly follows the course of the Ancient Road (Hærvejen).
The association Camino Aalborg works for simple signage of the part of the Ancient Road (Hærvejen), which passes through the municipality of Aalborg, so it is identifiable for both Danish and international pilgrims who want to follow St James’ Way (Jakobsvejen).
Camino Aalborg is an association (Central Business Register no . 39661209) of volunteers working for easy signage of the part of the Ancient Road (Hærvejen) passing through the municipality of Aalborg and the spreading of knowledge regarding this part of the Camino.
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